Hướng dẫn đánh boss God of Darkness Mu Online (Season 13)

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1. Zone Boss

1) Entry Zone Boss

- To move to the Zone Boss you can use the portals (12, 158) and (241, 91)

- No restrictions on entry, you can enter any search for the Boss.

- Only a maximum of 10 characters will be admitted to the Boss Zone.

2. Boss Monster

Monster in the Swamp




It uses the power of the Earth, known as a monster that creates life and summons his pet. 
He has a sharp mouth.

skill Information

First name



Launches Debuff (Poison) to Character


Summon Swamp Monster - Pet


Swamp Monster - Pet




It's a pet that is similar to that of the Swamp Monster in appearance. 
The size is smaller than the Monster in the Swamp, but it has great power.,

skill Information

First name



Attacks the characters blowing smoke from his mouth. 
Smoke expands in a fan and damages characters are provided.


Water Monster




Absorb the power of water and becomes stronger and stronger. 
Uses water as a source of life and attack .

skill Information

First name



Extends the waves in a straight line and attacks.

Water Course

Pour water from the sky and causes damage.


It moves to the water source and begin to heal.


God of Darkness




It is a god of darkness surrounded by dark energy. 
He has great strength as a final boss is called God. 
It is really strong , absorbs the life around him. 
Attacks mainly through the use of long sleeves.

Skill Boss



Put the gun on the floor surrounded by flames. 
When the gun earth is divivida disappears and the flames go up and attack




Black smoke spreads throughout your body is deformed and attacks.

- God of Darkness takes time to appear. 
- If you can not kill it within the time limit, they will move all the characters in the Boss.

Boss Respawn 

- The God of Darkness appears randomly between 18 to 24 hours after seeing dead.

3. Notice Boss Monster

- You can see inside the safe zone if the Boss Monster is in the battle zone.

Five minutes before the Boss appears

He Appeared Boss

No Boss